Health Care Services

We offer conservative and surgical treatment of incontinence and prolapse, including minimally invasive surgery (no external incisions). We also offer biofeedback and pelvic electrical stimulation, a conservative, nurse-provided treatment for incontinence and overactive bowel and bladder.

We Treat

Pelvic Disorders

Urinary Disorders

Urinary Incontinence


Female Urology

Interstitial Cystitis

Our specialities include female incontinence.


Gynecology Services

We now offer routine Gynecology services such as pap smears, Mammograms and breast care every day in our Bethlehem office.

We unable to offer Gynecology services in our Palmerton office at this time.

We do not handle obstetrical cases or more severe gynecological issues.

We also offer F.A.A. Pilot Physicals (Class I, II, and III).