IC and Easter!

The season of chocolate bunnies, family meals, and bright flowers is upon us and with that comes the potential for confusing food choices. We at the offices of John W. Spurlock, M.D. would like to help those managing their Interstitial Cystitis symptoms make delicious and satisfying diet choices while also being kind to their bladders. Here are some tips for making smart food decisions this upcoming holiday season!


Patients will be pleased to know that white chocolate is allowed so eat some white chocolate bunnies this year! Keep away from the milk and dark chocolate candies. Other bladder friendly sweets include marshmallows (so have some Peeps!), licorice, and anything vanilla or coconut (cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, etc)!


For the main meal, keep away from the ham as it has preservatives that aren’t bladder friendly, but other meats and fish/seafood are fine. Deviled eggs (and eggs in general) are fine, but if your bladder as trouble with mayonnaise, skip those! There are so many bladder-friendly vegetables to enjoy that it is just easier to list the ones to avoid. The only veggies to keep away from are onions, tomatoes and fava beans so eat as many green beans, carrots, potatoes (white and sweet) and corn, or whatever else you enjoy, as you like! Cheese is another thing we all like to indulge in so remember to stay awake from aged cheeses like cheddar and Swiss. Bladder-friendly cheese are American, cottage cheese, and cream cheese!


The good fruits are blueberries, coconut, dates, pears, watermelon and bananas. Some patients have trouble with bananas as they are high in potassium, but they are allowed if your bladder doesn’t mind them! Enjoy a banana cream, coconut cream or blueberry pie! A pear crumble would be delicious with some vanilla ice cream! Coconut cake, delightful!


As far as beverages are concerned remember that soda, coffee (both caffeinated and decaf, tea (except for some herbals), beer and wine are not bladder-friendly. You can enjoy water, milk, herbal teas like chamomile and mint, pear and blueberry juices and coconut water!


Of course, not all of these suggestions will work for every person, but we hope to give you some options for a fun and yummy time this upcoming holiday! If you have any questions or concerns about anything IC or diet-related the staff at Dr. John W. Spurlock’s office are happy to assist you!